CHAMPIONS ACTION NETWORK is building a variety of educational programs using comic books and story narrative to convey concepts such as compliance, positive outlook, why we need to exercise, the benefits of proper nutrition and even explain complex medical and genetic conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis. We also use videos, podcasts, online posts and newsletters in our programs in support of the rare disease community.

Genie The Gene

Genie the Gene is a friendly and energetic character who was created by Boomer Esiason with the mission of educating children on complex disease related information. Looking for a way to provide parents with a tool for educating newly diagnosed cystic fibrosis patients on their condition, Boomer and Lee Becker brought Genie to life with the help of writer and custom comic book creator, Darren Sanchez. Genie has been a huge hit and now has young fans looking forward to his educational adventures.

To read more about Genie the Gene, and his general education stories as Genie the GENIUS, go to

Big Air Jerry

Jerry Cahill is a real-life super hero who at the age of 60 is still going strong. A Champion of positivity, Jerry is a key spokesperson in the cystic fibrosis community who shares his knowledge and experience with the rare disease community through podcasts, blogs, videos and even motivational appearances. One of the many ways he touts the benefits of compliance, exercise, and healthy life habits is in coaching the local High School Pole Vault Team. Jerry can be seen preaching his motto, YOU CANNOT FAIL! in books, videos and podcasts… and now as a comic book super hero.

BIG AIR JERRY battles super villains and protects the community from harm with the assistance of his support team. He manages to save the day and spread his positive message in true super hero fashion in his new educational comics.